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No Magicians but Doctors Without Borders’ – Sabrina Sharmin MD

I came to know about MSF in 2005 while doing a community assessment in a remote village in Afghanistan. At the time, MSF was no longer working there, but the community still remembered their effort. I was surprised and did...

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"South Sudan – not just another mission – Ajoy Bhattacharya, Water and Sanitation Expert (Watsan)"

Hello Ajoy, This is Farhat. How are you? I am fine. Whats up? Hmmm... are you interested in South Sudan? They need a water and sanitation expert in Malakal, for an emergency kala azar response. Farhat is the overseas Recruitment...

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Logistician’s life in MSF – Vladimir Pak, Logistician

I arrived in Pakistan in January 2011. After a short briefing in the capital office, I took a plane to Quetta, to my project site, where I met my team. In fact I had met the project coordinator (or PC)...

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A very different experience – Chandrika R Rao, Surgeon

I accepted my posting to Tari with a lot of apprehension. But the reality was quite unique. Tari seemed like a hill station – beautiful, lush green, unexplored, unspoilt and wild. It was a pleasure to snuggle into soft blankets...

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Natural bounty and manmade poverty – Kalyansundari -MD

Natural bounty and manmade poverty: that sums up my experiences in Ivory Coast. This was my second mission with MSF, working as a Medical Doctor. Postconflict Abidjan, where my plane landed, was a wasteland of deserted streets and shut-down shops,...

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First mission with MSF – Satish Devkota, MD

After working for almost a decade as a general physician in various public and private health organisations, I wanted to do something new. I had worked in a government hospital, on private projects supported by international donors, in the city,...

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My first mission – Vitaly Pak

As I was getting ready for my mission to Papua New Guinea to work as a logistician, I had so many thoughts racing through my mind about the place, people, culture, work and how to cope living away from my...

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Osh Memories – Aftab Ahmad, MD

Last June riots erupted in Osh, in southern Kyrgyzstan, killing at least 400 people and injuring thousands more. MSF teams provided medical care and assistance to many of the injured. xxxxxxxxxxxx helped one young man who escaped death by leaping...

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My first mission in Africa – S. Y. Mulkipatil

The first time I heard about MSF was on 26 May 2009, when Dr Shanti Hegde, an experienced MSF volunteer from Karnataka, came to my institute, along with Farhat Mantoo from the human resources office, to give a presentation about...

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AYITI – My first mission as an MSF Doctor – Kalyansundari Gomathinayagam, M.D.

A lot of expectations and excitement, starting right from the Preparation for Primary Departure (or PPD) training course: who is going where, through chitchats and Facebook; anticipating that next it will be my turn; being proposed for the Central African...

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How an Indian doctor came to work with MSF – Kalyan Velivela, MD

MY FIRST MISSION WITH MSF Introduction My name is Kalyan Velivala. Let me tell you a bit about how I came to know about MSF. I had been working in India in the field of Internal medicine and in ICU’s...

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My experience in Nigeria – Vladimir Pak

©MSF I worked with Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) in Nigeria from January 2010 till October 2010 as a supply logistician. I am very proud that my first mission as an international staff was in Nigeria, which was where a group...

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