MSF Asia Scientific Days & ICM 2022: Posters

Submitted by: Abed El Hamed Qaradaya Et. al

A professional physiotherapist and occupational therapist with a Master’s degree in health care management. He is working in the rehabilitation field for 18 years, in the Gaza strip in Palestine.

He is currently working as a physiotherapy activity manager for the last 15 years, for MSF France in Gaza strip. He specializes in the rehabilitation of trauma and burn rehabilitation, and has experience in providing technical support to many missions in the Middle East. He has been part of many studies and research projects in Gaza focusing mainly on trauma and burn rehabilitation.

Submitted by: Aung Aung Et. al

Aung Aung is currently the Project Medical Referent of Dushanbe project in Tajikistan which executes DRTB case finding, diagnosis and treatment activities among paediatric population and people in a confined setting. He works with MSF since 2008 in various medical positions in Myanmar and as an epidemiologist for operational research in Eswatini. Working many years with HIV and TB, he has a research interest in prevention methods, cohort outcomes, and spatial analysis. He holds M.B.,B.S. and MPH.”

Submitted by: Dipa Vengurlaker Et. al

Dipa Vengurlaker is working in MSF as Medical Data Entry Supervisor since 2018. She is a graduate in India Systems of Medicine and have a master’s in healthcare management. I work on collating the data from the field for reporting and log frame indicators. She develops data indicators and monitoring & evaluating routine data collection activities. She is a part of SORT-IT training course of 2022 on Antimicrobial Resistance. Her areas of interest are epidemiology, clinical research, and infectious disease. She has published multiple research papers MSF DRTB project in Mumbai.

Submitted by: Jamiyla Utegenova Et. al

Jamiyla Utegenova is working as Nursing Activity Manager with MSF in Karakalpakstan for over 10 years to ensure quality care for patients suffering from drug-resistant tuberculosis. I work as a.

After she graduated from Medical College, she began working as a DOT nurse.

Submitted by: Molly Klarman Et. al

Molly Klarman is a Research Coordinator in Dr Eric Nelson’s lab at The University of Florida (UF). She oversees all aspects of a series of studies referred to as INACT-H (Increasing Nighttime Access to Care and Treatment- Haiti). The objective of these studies is to design, build and scale the MotoMeds Telemedicine and Medication Delivery Service to improve access to pediatric care at nighttime in resource-limited settings. Before joining UF Molly spent 10 years working with international NGOs to design and implement health programs addressing a range of public health issues in Haiti and other Latin American and Caribbean countries.

Submitted by: Sujay Nepali Et. al

Sujay Nepali is an experienced Public Health Nutrition Professional and a lecturer. With almost two decades of his tenure in nutrition and health, he has worked with national and international Non-Government Organisations, UN agencies, private sector and academia in both development and humanitarian context. Currently, he is working as a Senior Technical Advisor for Nutrition and Health in Action Against Hunger, Nepal. He strives for success and acts with compassion in providing helping hands to those in need.

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