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Out of sight, people suffer from rise in violence in eastern Burkina Faso

Op-ed by Abdallah Hussein, MSF head of mission in Burkina Faso While COVID-19 makes headlines around the world, less visible humanitarian crises continue to deteriorate. In the villages of Burkina Faso’s eastern region, killings, abductions and looting are now a regular occurrence. This...

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Burkina Faso: Four questions on the unprecedented humanitarian emergency in Burkina Faso

Isabelle Defourny, MSF Director of Operations, was recently in Burkina Faso and raises the alarm on the humanitarian situation in the most conflict-affected areas of the country. 1. What’s the extent of the humanitarian crisis and violence in Burkina Faso? The first...

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Burkina Faso: Security and living conditions have deteriorated at ‘blistering speed’ for over 750,000 people

Burkina Faso faced increased levels of violence in 2019, leading to an exponential growth of population displacement throughout the year. The number of internally displaced people has grown from an estimated 47,000 people in December 2018 to over 765,000 in...

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