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“We have lost everything, but I am very strong”: MSF works in shelter with vulnerable victims of disastrous floods in the south of Brazil

A boy named Joaquim runs restlessly among toys spread on the classroom’s floor. There are colorful posters displayed on the walls, but it’s not a class day, and Joaquim is not a student here, either. Desks in this classroom in...

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Brazil: MSF teams aim at supporting most vulnerable in response to Brazil’s biggest climate disaster to date

Professionals face logistic challenges in order to reach population affected by severe floods in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. The situation is catastrophic. When we arrived and traveled through the region by helicopter, we were able to view...

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Brazil: MSF responds to indigenous health crisis in the Amazon

The vast area of the Amazon Basin has always presented a challenge when it comes to providing healthcare to the Indigenous people who live there. But in recent years, the complexity has increased, as an absence of measures to protect...

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Brazil: Failed COVID-19 response drives Brazil to humanitarian catastrophe

More than 12 months into Brazil’s COVID-19 emergency, there is still no effective, centralised and coordinated public health response to the outbreak. The lack of political will to adequately respond to the pandemic is killing Brazilians in their thousands. Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)...

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Brazil: COVID-19 disaster unfolding in Amazon

MSF teams struggle to keep up as COVID-19 cases surge, health system collapses NEW YORK/RIO DE JANEIRO —The descent into a second COVID-19 catastrophe in Brazil’s Amazon region is now unfolding in the Amazonas State capital, Manaus, said the international medical humanitarian organization Doctors...

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Brazil: COVID-19 leaves Amazonas health system saturated, overloaded and struggling

The health system in Manaus, the capital of Amazonas state, in northwestern Brazil, has collapsed for the second time. Although hospitals have been adding COVID-19 bed capacity at an astonishing rate, the numbers of new patients with the coronavirus have continued to grow even faster,...

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