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“Holding onto life”: In Jenin and Tulkarem, Israeli forces render healthcare inaccessible when it is needed the most

By Itta Helland-Hansen, MSF Project Coordinator in Jenin and Tulkarem, two governorates located in the North of the West Bank, Occupied Palestinian Territory.Military incursions by Israeli forces in the West Bank are increasing in violence and frequency since the beginning...

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Strikes, raids and incursions: Seven months of relentless attacks on healthcare in the Occupied Palestinian Territories

In the last seven months the healthcare system in the Gaza Strip has been systematically dismantled. According to OCHA[1], 24 hospitals in Gaza are now out of service, while 493 health workers have been killed. Each medical centre or humanitarian...

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MSF condemns denial of medical access in Jenin during the largest military raid in the West Bank since 2002

Jenin, Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT), July 3, 2023 – MSF staff are currently providing emergency healthcare in the northern West Bank city of Jenin, following a large-scale raid by Israeli forces in the city’s refugee camp, the largest in the...

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Palestine: “For one year no one came here” to provide medical care in the West Bank

Approximately 300,000 Palestinians that live in small dispersed communities in the West Bank, Palestine, face barriers to accessing healthcare. This is because more than half of the West Bank is under an ‘Area C’ designation, meaning it is under direct Israeli...

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Palestine: Like a virus, violence spreads in the West Bank amid COVID-19

A full lockdown has been in place in the West Bank for more than three weeks, with over 300 people confirmed to have COVID-19 in Palestine. The harshness of these security measures, intended to prevent the virus from spreading further, is impacting the...

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