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Shortening distances: providing healthcare to indigenous communities in Venezuela’s Delta Amacuro state

Rivers serve as roads and tropical rainforest stretches to the horizon in Delta Amacuro state, a vast area bordering the Atlantic Ocean in northeastern Venezuela. Largely inaccessible, this region is home to a large number of Indigenous communities who face...

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Going with the Orinoco Flow

Since 2022, MSF teams have been supporting local health services in the remote Delta Amacuro region, a vast wetland of swamps and jungle on Venezuela's Atlantic shore, home to the Waraos, one of the country's largest ethnic group. Steve Hyde,...

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Venezuela: Fighting malaria and a failing health system in Bolivar

Gold is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a nation going through a  severe political and economic crisis. But in Bolivar, Venezuela’s biggest state, illegal gold mining has been booming for years and...

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Venezuelans in Colombia: an unattended crisis

The migration of Venezuelans into Colombia represents the second largest population movement in the world, yet the international community is largely ignoring the dire situation of the migrants and asylum seekers. The humanitarian response remains severely limited, particularly in rural areas affected by...

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Venezuela: MSF helps rebuild medical facilities and address mounting health needs

Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières is expanding its medical activities in Venezuela, where years of economic and political crisis are taking a heavy toll on households and health facilities alike. With hyperinflation reaching over two million percent this year according...

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