MSF Scientific Day in India: A quick guide

The inaugural edition of MSF Scientific Day in India will take place in New Delhi on 8 May and will be streamed live online. In this interview, Martin Sloot, General Director, MSF India, gives us insights into the event, its relationship with MSF operations and what audiences can expect from it.



What is MSF Scientific Day in India?
MSF Scientific Day in India is based on and linked to MSF Scientific Day in the UK. It is a platform for medical professionals to exchange operational medical research. MSF started Scientific Day in 2004 in London with the idea of exchanging information about new developments in medical research with the general objective of improving our medical activities in the field, and to better help our patients. The whole idea is to talk about the results of operational research and to see how that can improve our medical interventions.


Why was it decided to organise MSF Scientific Day in India?
Scientific Day in the UK has been a big success over the last 11 years. It has been seen by people in more than 100 countries. We decided to organise it in India because India – and South Asia as a region – is a very interesting area where a lot of medical research is happening. It is also  where MSF has a lot of field projects. So we thought it’s a good idea to target a region with different contexts and medical issues, like tuberculosis (TB), multi-drug resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) and kala azar (visceral leishmaniasis). The aim of the event in India is to build upon MSF’s engagement with the medical community in India and South Asia.


So the idea is to supplement Scientific Day in the UK with a more regional approach to make MSF Scientific Day a truly international event. That’s why the slogan is ‘a true conference without borders’.


The event will be streamed live online. Why should people watch it?
As in a lot of conferences, there is a limited seating capacity. We expect that there will be a full house. That’s why we are organising a live stream so people can also watch the event online. It’s important for us to give the possibility to all to know about new developments in research, about the medical challenges in India and in the rest of South Asia. Because we want to connect both worlds, both countries and both events, we have chosen to live stream one important session from India and from the UK. So people in India will be able to follow the HIV/TB session from Scientific Day in the UK and the people in the UK can follow our kala azar session in New Delhi.


The agenda for MSF Scientific Day in India is available here – /online-agenda-msf-scientific-day-india-2015


To attend on the day, please register here – /register-msf-scientific-day-india-place 


To watch the online stream, please register here – /register-for-live-stream

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