Syria: Thousands could die if Syrian-Iraq Kurdistan border closes to humanitarian aid

MSF is extremely concerned about the ongoing delivery of humanitarian aid to the population in northeast Syria due to clashes between Kurdish and Iraqi forces in the northwest of Iraq that threaten to close of the Syrian-Iraqi border crossing of Feshkhabour.

Feshkhabour border crossing is the ONLY option for humanitarian agencies to bring supplies and specialists into northeast Syria.

It is already very complicated trying to provide aid in northeast Syria, where large parts of cities have been destroyed by fighting and airstrikes and nearly 500,000 people have been displaced and are living under poor conditions. If the border between Syria and Iraq closes for humanitarian aid, the millions of already vulnerable people will no longer have access to critical medical care in Menbij, Tal Abyad, Tabqa, Kobanê/Ain Al Arab, Hassaka and Raqqa. A closure of the Feshkhabour border crossing for all humanitarian aid could affect millions of lives.

MSF calls on all parties to ensure continued access, without let or hindrance, for the delivery of humanitarian aid across borders.

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