MSF condemns attack on rescue vessel in Mediterranean Sea

Brussels, 25 August 2016: On 17 August 2016, while conducting search and rescue operations off the Libyan coast, the Doctors Without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) rescue vessel ‘Bourbon Argos’, was approached and attacked by a group of armed men on board an unidentified speedboat. MSF strongly condemns this violent act towards a medical humanitarian organisation, whose sole objective in the Mediterranean is to provide search and rescue activities in the absence of safe and legal channels for those fleeing armed conflict, disasters and extreme poverty.
The attack occurred 24 nautical miles north of the Libyan coast. Armed men on board the speed boat fired shots from 400-500 metres towards the Bourbon Argos and then boarded the vessel. There were no people rescued on board that day and neither the crew members nor the MSF staff were harmed.
“Although we don’t know the identity of the attackers or their motivation, our initial assessment of the facts show that they were professional and well trained”, stated Stefano Argenziano, MSF operations coordinator. “This was a serious and worrying attack, with shooting towards our boat which could have put our staff in acute physical danger”.It was 9.15 in the morning when the incident begun and the boat was spotted.  Given the lack of clear identification and communication and any radio answer from the speed boat, while approaching the Bourbon Argos, the team took the precautionary measure to move to the designated safe area inside the vessel. The armed men boarded the Bourbon Argos and moved around, leaving approximately after 50 minutes, without stealing or removing anything. The damage to the ship was minimal, with signs of several bullets that were shot. Thanks to the sound security procedures enacted, all team members were safe as they remained in the protected area all the time.
Search and rescue activities conducted from Italy and Malta by MSF in the central Mediterranean will continue on board the Aquarius and the Dignity I in partnership with SOS Mediterranee. MSF and its partners will continue providing lifesaving emergency care and medical assistance to those rescued.
“With the number of deaths continuing to dramatically increase and the deteriorating situation in Libya, we continue to consider the European focus on deterrence and security dangerously myopic and completely inadequate to respond to this crisis” continues Argenziano. “Search and rescue is only a palliative measure to cover the lack of safe and legal channels, but today more than ever there is a need for the EU and its member states for a proactive mechanism to save lives and assist those in search of safety”. MSF continues to insist on the need for safe and legal alternatives for those crossing the central Mediterranean as the only way to stop deaths at sea.
Since the beginning of the operations on 21 April 2016, MSF teams on board of the Dignity I, Bourbon Argos and Aquarius (in partnership with SOS Mediterranee) rescued 10, 925 people during 84 different rescue operations.

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